The reborn of a historic hotel!

Our design boutique hotel next to the famous windmills , the Mykonos Theoxenia will undergo an investment of over 4 million euro during winter 21/22 and will open its door in May 2022 with a brand new fully refreshed and uprated face. See below a first glimpse of its transformation!

Where light … was born.
Before Mykonos there was Delos.

Mythology claimed that it was on the island of Delos that Leto brought into the world …the twin gods..
Apollo & Artemis, symbolising both daylight and moonlight.
By a palm tree, in a soft meadow they were born..
From that moment on, the island was forever shrouded in a golden light.
It was this cosmic reckoning, that charged the island with eternal positive energy.

Delos is today considered one of the lightest places in the world.
The scale is perfect, human almost, it does not over power, it is soft and
curvaceous with an almost organic feel.
The are no hard lines .. it is inviting and welcoming.

Delos is a small island at the heart of the Cyclades.
It was the very heart of the Cyclades… cosmopolitan and widely revered.
Mykonos is the closest inhabited island to Delos …

The hotel itself faces Delos and this was by no means accidental.
We stood in the architect’s gaze …
in the historic building and felt that there was a definite dialogue that could be explored.

We therefore look to Delos as our inspiration …..
By no means did we only look to the classical world for references..
We explored the Delos of today… how it continues to give, inspire and enlighten.
History definitely has a place but we look to the residue of what remains.
The light, the comfort, the marble that has been smoothed by Aegean winds, summers, winters.
Colours from the landscape that change with the seasons, colours from the stones and structures.
Soft textures and shapes.

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