Stars gathering at Louis Hotels #xanamazi

The summer event underlined with the signature of Louis Hotels was held on the 4th and 5th of July at the Louis Nausicaa Beach hotel and The King Jason hotel in Protaras. The glamorous weekend was closed for the Cypriot stars.

The two-day event reached its peak with an impressive party at Louis Nausicaa Beach. The party began with a spectacular show with dry ice in the swimming pool along with professional divers and swimmers. Another highlight of the evening was the menu which had the signature of the Louis Hotels team!

At the party which was called “The Stars under the Stars”, the celebrities enjoyed signature cocktails, danced to the upbeat rhythm of the guest DJ and had fun under the starry sky.

The influencers enjoyed the impressive view of the sunset at The King Jason Protaras where they stayed the weekend. Following the sunset, the guests walked to the nearby Louis Nausicaa Beach where they lived magical moments “welcoming” the hottest month of the year and giving momentum for

the summer holidays. The guests of Louis Hotels using the hashtag #xanamazi showed their social media followers how dreamy the entire weekend experience was.

During the two days, the influencers had the opportunity to live and enjoy the unique hospitality experience provided by Louis Hotels in Cyprus and Greece, which is reflected on the high scores they receive each year including the amazing locations and services they offer.

One of the events that took place was the “Pool day” on Saturday at the modern, The King Jason Hotel with cocktails and bites as well as the “Beach day” on Sunday at the popular Louis Nausicaa Beach Hotel that concluded with the “Greek tapas lunch”!

During all happenings, the health protocols of the Ministry of Health and other competent authorities for the protection of the health of the guests and the staff were abided by.

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