“Polis 1907”: The ultimate experience of Cyprus hospitality by Louis Hotels

By implementing its policy of promoting alternative tourism products that demonstrate the Cypriot tradition and hospitality, Louis Hotels announces the opening of its new boutique hotel “Polis 1907“. Set in the heart of Polis Chrysochous, the old mansion that was built at the beginning of the 20th century, is being revived and filled with life and is expecting local and foreign tourists to enjoy the real experience of Cypriot hospitality.

The mansion was built in 1907 using traditional construction methods of that time and with a classic architectural line. Originally, it belonged to a wealthy family and over the years it was converted into a market as it was the largest building in Polis Chrysochous. It is noteworthy that during the period of 1949-1955, the building was the village’s first high-school, while some of its graduates still live in the area.

This beautiful building was completely renovated by adding modern comforts but at the same time preserving its connection to the Cypriot culture in a more contemporary version. With the blending of these elements, tradition is combined with discreet luxury, creating an excellent result. Each room maintains its own character, with strong local traditional design elements.

Polis 1907 features a beautiful garden, which is the ultimate place to calm and relax. On the ground floor, Akakiko Asian fusion restaurant can be found where Asian cuisine “meets” with the traditional element in absolute harmony. In the beautiful courtyard, breakfast and brunch are offered in the morning, as well as coffee and pastries throughout the day.

Enjoy this unique accommodation experience in Louis Hotels this year and give yourself happy moments, with your loved ones by making your reservation on time through the Louis Hotels website at www.louishotels.com.




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