Louis Villas – The holiday trend that constantly gains new “followers”!

The summer is just around the corner and we all have our vacations in mind. Discussions usually begin or end up with the endless existing choices. Whether you’ve decided to spend your summer vacation with your family, your significant other or your friends, you’ll always be looking for the most unique experience that will leave you with the best memories.

There is always the classic choice of a large hotel where you will enjoy sun, sea and comfort.Camping is another option for the more adventurous types, while there is the choice of agrotourism and many more. During recent years, there is one more trend that stands out and is constantly gaining new followers. In fact, demand for this type of accommodation is intense and hoteliers increasingly adapt their product to meet the demands of their customers. These are the villas (serviced and otherwise) that come as a different and alternative option which combines privacy, independence, and many other excellent elements with many choices, by creating a very attractive offering of unique holiday experiences.

The advantages of choosing a villa to spend your holidays are many. Apart from providing privacy to visitors, other unique features makes villas the ideal  option for people looking for something different for their holidays. The enclosed environment of a villa allows you to make the most of it, enjoying your bathing in a private swimming pool and spending enjoyable and carefree moments. Visitors can find in a villa all the comforts of their own home and many more! Villa rentals are usually fully equipped and furnished houses with a garden, swimming pool and modern kitchen as well as other amenities so you do not have to leave during your stay if you do not want to. Typically, luxury villas provide literally everything: bathrobes, slippers, free Wi-Fi, electrical equipment, even orthopaedic beds.

Louis Hotels has been offering the top choice in villas for years in one of the most popular holiday destinations in Cyprus, Protaras. Louis Nausicaa Luxury Villas and Louis Althea Kalamies Luxury Villas are luxurious villa  complexes with daily service, that offer distinctive decoration and aesthetics. Together with the 3-bedroom Louis Chris Le Mare villa, which is located very close to the sea, and was created with great attention to detail and taste, they make up the Louis Hotels villa collection, where you can experience the most outstanding holidays. Make your reservations during the month of May and take advantage of a 30% discount for each overnight stay! Enjoy the unique experience of the Louis Hotels luxury villas and indulge yourself in carefree moments with your loved ones at the best prices, by making your reservation on time through the Louis Hotels website at www.louishotels.com .

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