Asterion Suites & Spa, A New Retreat of Luxury Hospitality and Cretan Soulfulness is due to be revealed on the 23rd of July 2021.

Conceived as a summer getaway for guests who want to reclaim their star-made essence, the new 5 star retreat of 67 design-led suites opens its doors this July.

The retreat takes its name from the first king of Crete and husband of Europa, Asterion, who according to the myth was made of stardust having been born from the explosion of a supernova. Like its namesake, Asterion Suites & Spa combines earthly delights with celestial soulfulness to offer a new type of lifestyle luxury based on meaningful experiences, authentic hospitality and a heightened sense of place.

Set in an idyllic beachfront location in Pyrgos Psiloneros in Chania, Crete, the 67 suites are spread out over 7.5 acres forming an exclusive kingdom which has been designed as a modern-day Cretan palace with a mission to authentically celebrate the island’s unique culture and hospitality with a sense of modern sophistication.
Drawing from the myth of Asterion as much as from Crete’s natural beauty and vernacular heritage, we have married traditional craftsmanship with contemporary luxury to create spaces of refined simplicity and soothing comfort where both the body and the mind can unwind and recharge. Exquisite natural materials, earthy colours, and handcrafted finishes converse with the lush Mediterranean gardens for a unique Zen ambience that fully expresses barefoot luxe summer living.

Indulge your senses in Crete’s world-famous cuisine at our a la carte restaurant “35°”. Bases on our farm-totable philosophy and the use of fresh, locally sourced, seasonal products, our talented chefs create gourmet dishes inspired by the island’s traditional recipes.
An explosion of flavours, aromas, feelings and memories await.

Mark the date:
A new chapter in the history of Cretan hospitality begins on July 23rd!

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